Since 2005 we have been supporting the local community with the best customer service and lowest prices in the region

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300 Handguns Rifles and Shotguns in Stock

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If you are thinking of purchasing a handgun, rifle or ammo we know you’ll love us.

If you are thinking of purchasing a handgun, rifle or ammo we know you’ll love us.


4040 S Tyler St Ste 10A

Tacoma, WA 98409-2143

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4040 S Tyler #10A
Tacoma, WA 98409

(253) 671- 8211


Tuesday through Saturday
10am – 6pm 
(Excluding most holidays)


What You’ll Need:
1- You’ll need a valid (not expired) picture identification either State or Federal is required for all purchases.

2- Proof of WA State residency is required for all handgun purchases. Proof includes a copy of your orders if you are in the military.

The easiest form of residency proof is a valid WA State issued I.D. Card or WA State drivers license, with your current address.

At present there is a 12 business day wait for disposition (delivery) of your purchase unless you have a valid WA State Concealed Pistol License and pass an instant background check. Instant background checks are answered with 1 of 3 possible answers- PROCEED (You leave the store with your purchase as soon as it is paid in full) DELAYED (You must wait until the background check is completed by the National Instant Background Check System, typically 1 to 10 business days) and DENIED (Your purchase will not be allowed). Pistol licenses from other states are not used for purchases in WA State.

Other Information:
Handgun purchases can be made by Washington (WA) State residents or military personnel assigned to WA State.

Long Gun Information
Long gun purchases can be made by out of state residents as well as WA State residents.

In WA State, long gun purchasers are not required to have special licenses or state residency for the Instant Background Check.


Again, we are bound by the response of the system, Proceed, Delayed or Denied.

~A Message From Mary~

There are a few of us that haven’t kept a spotless record down at the police station, don’t let that deter your resolve to own a firearm! Typically a juvenile conviction can show on a background check if it isn’t sealed! So, get that sealed!It’s easier than you think! Unpaid tickets can show up and you’ll have to get things squared up before purchase is allowed. Easy payment plans can be discussed with many departments before they are sent to collection- take your hat in hand and ask nicely for the best plan and stick to it! You’ll be dealing with another human being, so just treat them like you’d like to be treated!

There are some things we all have to wait for resolve. If you have a ‘protection order’ issued either for or against you, it may have to lapse before your purchase will be approved.

Come down to the store and look over the list of questions that will determine eligibility to own a firearm . Dan or I will help you with understanding how the answers will affect your purchase. Just remember that we WANT to sell you a gun! Even if you are denied a sale, we will give you information that will help you overturn the decision if it is at all possible!

A $50. fee is built into the price of all my firearms and is paid when we have a deal and do the paperwork. It is not refundable if you are denied or change your mind! If you have any doubts, let’s talk about them first!

Take care