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From The Desk Of Dan ( And Other Musings! )

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Over the years many of you have been asking for me to write down / publish the wonderful conversations you ( the customers) and I have had over the years.

From the best way to field strip a 1911, advice on firearms & ammunition selection or maybe that nervous first time buyer that needs a little help ( and maybe to know they are not alone in this new adventure ) to the ever daunting local political situations we the gun owners of Tacoma find ourselves in. So many of you have come in and thanked us for the care and wisdom you have received as well as encouraged us to post these musings in some way for everyone to enjoy.

With the redesign of our website I asked our web guy if he could put together a little something that would allow us to easily share these ideas and be able to keep you the wonderful customers we enjoy informed of what's going on in the shop and maybe whats going on locally in your area. Stay tuned and keep checking back.

Warmest Regards,


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